Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem to all of our Ummah out there!

May this month and the days after be filled with nothing but Blessings, Iman and Enlightenment InshAllah!!

Each year we are fortunate enough to be blessed with 30 special days where every Dua counts more so than usual, and every good deed is multiplied by 70 subhanAllah so lets make the most of every opportunity we have!

The BIAH Team top tips:

-Pray as much as you can

-Do as many charitable acts as possible

-Learn at least one new thing about Islam each day

-Share what you know about Islam with others

-Improve your character and soften your heart towards others

-Make sincere Dua for our Brothers and Sisters who are suffering all over the World

-Eat AND drink well at Suhoor and Iftar


…Also dont forget folks, Ramadan is a test of Shukr and Sabr.. So lets be ever grateful that we have a plate of food to look forward to at Iftar as not many are as privileged as us. Although sleeping through the whole day can be quite tempting, think of all the time that could be spent in Ibadah and Dhikr to aim for a better Akhira! And finally don’t forget WHY you’re fasting, reflect on what you aim to achieve this Ramadhan, and inshAllah Allah swt will accept all of your Efforts and Duas 🙂